Welcome to Andrew Lucas Photography | Fine Art Portrait Photographer


I'm not just taking a picture of you and your loved ones, I am capturing their true self.

I'm taking a moment in time, physically capturing it, and giving it to you. No amount of money on the planet can ever take you back to that moment. 

Except I can take that moment and put it on paper forever. That portrait will be the most valuable item to you, your family, and for the generations to come.

There will come a day when you are not here anymore, and your children will look at that portrait and say, “that is my mother”; and your children’s children will say “that is my grandmother.”

I create more than just pictures, I create priceless.

Andrew Lucas Photography is a full service boutique photography studio.  Our drive is to make sure you have an amazing experience during your session, leaving you with fun memories while also providing you with heirloom quality prints and art products that will last a lifetime. Andrew is a contemporary portrait artist specializing in custom designed luxury prints and wall art. He offers clients a one of a kind portrait experience that will leave a lasting impression. Let Andrew start designing YOUR unforgettable portrait experience by booking now.

  • After you fill out a form on my booking page I will call you to get to know you a little better and schedule our consultation meeting to get an idea of your unique portrait needs.

  • We will schedule a reveal session about 1-2 weeks after your shoot to view your beautiful portraits where you can place orders for luxury prints and albums. 

Don't hesitate to contact me! I would love to talk to you